Crowd Packs Historic St. Louis Union Marriott for Regional Seminar

Focus on Energy and PI Systems

More than 90 people—the largest crowd to date—turned out for the September 2 regional seminar at the historic St. Louis Union Station Marriott.

Pat Kennedy, founder and CEO of OSIsoft, kicked off the morning with a talk on “Seeing Clearly in the New Reality,” in which he discussed how change in the business climate has increased the need for better real-time decision making. Many talks were filled with new information from OSIsoft:  Dave Roberts spoke on the Value Based Case for PI, and VP of Marketing , Jon Peterson, described the Highly Available PI System and how to leverage virtualization in the enterprise . Tom Hosea reviewed the PI System engineering plan.

As usual, what people really came for was to hear users talking to users about the value of the OSIsoft Enterprise Agreement.  Steve Noel of Constellation Energy showed how the PI Systemer serves as their high value infrastructure in an ever-changing culture.  Don Hunter of Midwest ISO—despite an unscheduled break for a fire alarm—explained how PI serves as a high performance infrastructure for MISO operations.  Carrying on the theme of PI in energy, Brian Helms of Alcoa Power Generating, Inc. reviewed how they use PI to provide reliability services through demand response.  A hit of the afternoon was provided by a joint talk with Microsoft by Enrique Herrera and Christian Luckock, who described the much heralded use of PI in Microsoft’s world class data centers for energy monitoring and facilities management.

Forthcoming seminars around the US, EMEA and APAC will feature other user talks and the latest on PI technology. Locations and dates are:

New York, NY – September 15, 2009
Richmond, VA – September 22, 2009
Frankfurt, Germany – September 28, 2009
New Jersey – September 30, 2009
Moscow, Russia – October 1, 2009
Prague, Czech Republic – October 1, 2009
Manchester, UK – October 5, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio – October 7, 2009
Cleveland, Ohio – October 8, 2009
Paris, France – October 12, 2009
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – October 13, 2009
Madrid, Spain – October 14, 2009
Stockholm, Sweden – October 19, 2009
Johannesburg, South Africa – October 19, 2009
Atlanta, Georgia – October 22, 2009
Antwerp, Belgium – October 26, 2009
Raleigh, North Carolina – October 27, 2009
Houston, Texas – October 28, 2009
Rome, Italy – October 28, 2009
Baltimore, Maryland – November 3, 2009
Orlando, Florida – November 4, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona – November 5, 2009
Seattle, Washington – November 10, 2009
Portland, Oregon – November 12, 2009