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2011 - Users Conference - San Francisco

  Elite Athlete Monitoring and Analysis Using PI System 2010 Hulix Conseil, Inc.Francois RuelPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  Strategic Strength: The Journey Toward Enterprise Value Creation in MOL Group Refining & Marketing Division MOL GroupTibor KomróczkiOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Integrating the PI System with SAP KlabinRaquel GoulartPulp & Paper Presentation Resources  
  Routine Process Monitoring (RPM) Using PI WebParts to Build the Perfect Dashboard Eli LillyJoe PluckebaumPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  NRG Energy Using PI WebParts to Improve Overall Performance NRG EnergyMichael KanhaiPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Leveraging the PI System for Gas Turbine Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Wood Group Gas Turbine ServicesDave OlsheskiPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Improving Equipment Availability and Reliability Using the PI System Ultratech CementRajendraroshanlal MehtaMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Using the PI System for CIP-5 and CIP-7 Monitoring Digital BondDale Peterson Power & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Nalco’s Journey Into Wireless Data Collection Using Windows Mobile Devices NalcoRandy EspositioPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Managing Infrastructure Using the PI System DTE EnergySumanth MakunurPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Leveraging PI ACE as Enabler in a Plant Manufacturing Execution System Eli LillyRoberto GubelliniPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  PI System Based MODICOSEN (Dynamic Monitoring & Control of the National Power System) at CFE CFEArturo GonzalezPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  The PI System: The Life Blood of the Dynegy Roseton and Danskammer Plants Dynegy Northeast GenerationBiagio InsognaPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Rapid Transition to the PI System Following Oil & Gas Asset Disposal Industrial EvolutionSimon WrightOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  PI System Implementation with Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 at Eastman Chemical Company Eastman ChemicalJ David JohnstonChemicals & Petrochemicals Presentation Resources  
  Enabling Manufacturing Summary Statistics Analysis Using the PI System GenentechCraig TaylorPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  SMART Catch - An Early Warning System, Excelled Through the PI System NTPCA N S SuryanarayanaPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Twenty Years of Managing and Operating Israel Electric Company with the PI System Israel ElectricGabriel MazoozPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Tips and Tricks for Manual Data Collection for the PI System Eastman ChemicalSteve NunleyChemicals & Petrochemicals Presentation Resources  
  Repairable Component Modeling: Natural Gas Transmission System NiSource Gas Transmission and StorageJohn CoxOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  A Unique Version of the Truth from a Single Source CybertecnicaMichel VerinaudPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Controlling DC Data Exhaust: 3-D Visualization and Integration of Data Center Monitoring Systems Utilizing the PI System and PI AF SkanskaGregor VilknerCritical Facilities Data Centers & IT Presentation Resources  
  Leveraging Real-time Data at University of Alaska, Fairbanks University of Alaska, FairbanksCharles WardPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Can You Manage More Facilities by Increased Productivity? Equinix Pamela BrighamCritical Facilities Data Centers & IT Presentation Resources  
  Proactive Maintenance at GenOn: the Proactive Maintenance Data Gateway Built on the OSIsoft PI System Infrastructure GenOn EnergyThomas MarshallPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Finding “The Sweet Spot” in the Paper Mill: Using the PI System to Measure and Visualize Real-time Impact of Operating Decisions on Cost and Quality Port Townsend Paper CorporationKristi KobetichPulp & Paper Presentation Resources  
  Improving Data Validation with PI AF Anglo PlatinumMichael HalheadMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Chemical Sector NPRADan StrachanChemicals & Petrochemicals Presentation Resources  
  Extending Fleet Performance Optimization Strategies Black & VeatchDavid BrillPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Flakeboard Using the PI System and RtEMIS to Monitor and Save Energy Flakeboard CompanyPatrick BurkePulp & Paper Presentation Resources  
  Enbridge Pipeline Uses FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition for High Speed Data Collection Enbridge EnergyDon LindseyOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Reducing TCO by Using OSIsoft Infrastructure to Integrate Quality and Laboratory Information CEMEX Carlos Enrique Castillo LintonMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  OSIsoft PI System and Microsoft Technology Enabling Business Intelligence for Mexico CFE CENACE Energy Market CFEArturo GonzalezPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Using SQC & PI Notifications in Manufacturing, and the Value of vCampus United States SteelMichael LoriaMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  How to Build a State-of-the-Art, Real-time Remote Monitoring Center Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation Rick DuesingPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Welcome & Company Overview OSIsoftBernard MorneauGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Energy Strategies of the Future OSIsoftDr. J. Patrick KennedyGeneral Presentation Resources  
  The Future: A New World of Interconnected Devices and Cloud Services Microsoft Daniel ReedGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Powering End-to-End Communications Cisco SystemsLaura IpsenGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI System Roadmap OSIsoftRaymond VerhoeffGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Turning Insight Into Action OSIsoftJon PetersonGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Turning Insight Into Action to Meet the Innovation Challenge - Panel OSIsoftAndrew FanaraGeneral Presentation Resources  
  What’s New with High Availability in the PI System OSIsoftDenis VacherGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Putting it All Together: Assemble PI Reports and Displays into Status Dashboards OSIsoftLaurie DieffenbachGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI ProcessBook - What's Here, What's Coming OSIsoftLaurie DieffenbachGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Explore the Value of an Asset Centric PI System in PI System 2010 OSIsoftStephen KwanGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Migrating to an Asset Centric PI System OSIsoftStephen KwanGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Unlock Your Data with PI Data Access OSIsoftSteve PilonGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Using PI System Data and Events in Your Enterprise and Line of Business Systems OSIsoftGopal GopalKrishnanGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Asset Based Visualization With PI WebParts OSIsoftPaul KaiserGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Asset Centric PI DataLink - PI DataLink Meets PI AF OSIsoftMatt ZieglerGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Business Intelligence with the PI System and PowerPivot OSIsoftMatt ZieglerGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Synchronized Data in Smart Grid Applications OSIsoftCharles WellsPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  I Want To Be Secure: Best Practices For Securing Your PI System OSIsoft Jay LakumbGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI Event Frames - Find Your Data by Events OSIsoftChris CoenGeneral Presentation Resources  
  OSIsoft vCampus: The Community at Your Service OSIsoftAhmad FattahiGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI Coresight - The Fastest, Easiest Way to Visualize Your PI System Data OSIsoft John BaierGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Customizing Content and Delivering Information - PI Notifications 2010 R2 OSIsoftGlenn MoffettGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Creating Calculations to Solve Business Problems - PI ACE 2010 R2 OSIsoftGlenn MoffettGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Developing Analytics Over Streaming Data with Microsoft StreamInsight & PI for StreamInsight OSIsoftGlenn MoffettGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI System for AMI OSIsoftMichelle KuieePower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Enterprise Agreement - Is it Right for Me? OSIsoftJohn MatrangaGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Gaining Insight from PI System Data Using PowerPivot and the Microsoft BI Stack OSIsoftCurt HertlerGeneral Presentation Resources  
  OSIsoft Field Service: Enabling You to Add Value to your PI System OSIsoftKunal DesaiGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Tips from the Trenches OSIsoftRyan McErleanGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Learning - When You Want It, Where You Want It OSIsoft Pablo BenvenutoGeneral Presentation Resources