2011 - Regional Seminar - Carolinas

Migrating to an Asset Centric PI System

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PI Asset Framework (PI AF) 2010 is an integral part of the PI Server 2010. It allows you to build an asset model of the physical objects in your process and associate asset properties to your data. This asset model becomes a middle layer or “directory” allowing you to find and consume the information you need quickly and effortlessly. You can also use your asset model to create PI tags ensuring commonality in PI Tag naming conventions. Come see a demonstration of PI AF including the just released PI AF Builder which allows you to bulk create or edit PI AF elements and attributes using the familiar Microsoft Excel environment. For those who are new to the PI System, we will discuss the key steps in the planning and deployment of your new system in an asset centric manner. For those with existing PI Systems, we will demonstrate some steps you can do to migrate them to the asset centric world.

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Chris Coen