2011 - Regional Seminar - Thailand

Realizing Value from Data

In a world that is increasingly more sensor-ed and ubiquitously connected than ever before there is now more opportunity, and in fact need, for organizations to extract value from the data they have at their disposal. It is now becoming widely appreciated that businesses can gain competitive advantage from the hidden value that is often overlooked or remains undiscovered within their data assets and that making more data available is a competitive enabler. The challenge facing many organizations is how to effectively harvest and harness all the sources of data they have at their disposal and then unleash the potential within the data by making it available to consumers and end users that can extract value from it. This keynote presentation discusses how Microsoft and OSIsoft are working together to address this challenge, highlighting organizations that are successfully exploiting the value of data to gain new business insights and will look at how emerging technologies and developments will impact the way data can be exploited for business advantage in the future.

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Enrique Herrera

Enrique Herrera brings over 16 years of Automotive experience from the OEM perspective and as a Tier 1 supplier. He brings cross-functional experiences from Powertrain Design, Product Development, Manufacturing and Information Technology. As a Director for strategic architecture and solutions at Visteon he managed the global plant floor solutions groups with 100+ analysts and consultants supporting 123 manufacturing facilities in over 23 countries.