2011 - Industry Insight Session - Smart Grid

How the PI System Supports California ISO Operations and Grid Reliability

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California Independent System Operator (CAISO) is a nonprofit public corporation created by State of California. It manages the flow of electricity, ensures reliable operation of the grid, and facilitates market for day-ahead, real-time energy & ancillary services. CAISO serves 30 million populations and has about 55,000 MW generation capacity and 50,000 peak load demand. CAISO has been using the PI System for over 10 years and been a PI System Enterprise Agreement customer for several years. This presentation will demonstrate how CAISO utilizes the PI System to support the real-time operations and grid reliability, including some creative showcase PI System displays built by operators and engineers. PI System displays are heavily used on the dispatcher’s consoles for 24/7 real-time monitoring, on engineer’s desktops for day-to-day operations support and analysis, on the control center video walls for situational awareness, and on web portal for external market participants, government entities and regulatory agencies. The speaker will also cover CAISO Smart Grid vision, such as synchrophasor technology and California Climate Change Initiatives, including wind, solar, smart meters, energy storage, etc. The presentation will also show that PI System is the key technology to enable CAISO to operate the grid reliably, securely and efficiently and facilitate effective, open markets that engage and empower consumers while meeting California's policy target to integrate renewable resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and secure energy independence. In CAISO’s brand new control center, the renewable-only desk was created. The renewable desk is manned 24/7 by one operator working a 12-hour shift. At the same time, CAISO also introduced a new web portal, allowing anyone to see how much solar and wind are being generated in the state and how much energy is being used at any given time.

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Jim McIntosh

Director - Executive Operations Advisor