2011 - Industry Insight Session - Smart Grid

Real-time Data Infrastructure Applied to the Monitoring of Renewables Assets

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EDF EN Services monitors 600MW of solar and wind assets. The substation key component of the plant is most of the time not monitored. For the wind assets, each manufacturer has their own SCADA system, therefore in order to monitor our wind asset we have in total 15 different SCADA systems. For solar assets, no SCADA systems are proposed by the manufacturer, therefore a SCADA interface has to be completely created from scratch. EDF EN Services chose the PI System in order to have a single data collection and monitoring platform able to collect the data of the entire plant wind turbines, solar inverters, and substation. This presentation will explain the architecture of the monitoring system based on the PI System and the different interfaces available to the internal and external customers.

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Aurélie Nasse

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