2011 - Users Conference - San Francisco

Extending Fleet Performance Optimization Strategies

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As energy markets expand geographically, become more interconnected and accommodate more non-traditional generation assets, power generators will need a more convenient and transparent means to compare performance of their assets against other assets within their fleet, against similar units in other fleets, as well as performance relative to the overall market. A myriad of plant design configurations, non-standard plant data & instrumentation, as well as non-standard performance calculation protocols have made it impractical to scale-up comparative performance efforts to the fleet level and beyond. Black & Veatch, with collaborative support from OSIsoft, has extended their PowerPlantMD asset optimization platform to enable live benchmarking of power plant assets, both within a fleet as well as against the industry as a whole. This paper will summarize the efforts to test and validate the data handling, analytic and benchmarking infrastructure as well as initial efforts to integrate with the existing asset optimization infrastructure of power generators. 

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Power & Utilities


Black & Veatch


David Brill

Associate Vice President