2011 - Users Conference - San Francisco

Improving Data Validation with PI AF

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A key component of Anglo Platinum process information strategy is contextualization of real-time and transactional data using an asset model of the process operations. The OSIsoft PI Asset Framework (AF) was selected as the platform for the asset models. The asset models abstract raw data into a format that has physical meaning, including all relevant meta-data. This provides a solid platform on which an information system can be built. The quality of the raw data is poor in many instances, so there is a need to validate it before using it for process and business decisions. A natural extension of the asset model is to perform calculations and analysis on the Assets. Although OSIsoft provides an extensive set of calculation tools ranging from totalizers to the Advanced Computing Engine (ACE), the calculation tool for PI AF is under development at this time. In order to fulfill their process information vision, Anglo Platinum developed a tool that integrates with PI AF, called SOne, which integrates to PI AF via a dedicated communications channel built upon the AF SDK (Software Development Kit). A key philosophy of the development was to create a calculation platform that fulfilled the needs of both information and control groups. This allowed Anglo Platinum to leverage a common platform to reduce overall engineering costs. The tool leverages the PI AF Element Templates and PI AF Element hierarchies.

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