2010 - Users Conference - San Francisco

Sustainability and Efficiency through Advanced Business Integration

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Pat and Klaus will talk about leveraging intra-business integration and B2B integration. Pat will open by discussing the importance of innovation to increase efficiency and sustainability. PI System users have been doing this for decades, from fiber loss tracking in paper mills to sophisticated demand response coordination between an aluminum smelter and a transmission grid operator. Sustainability requires this type of innovation and coordination. The real-time data and event infrastructure, implemented across the entire energy and resource value chain, will provide the basis for these smart applications.

Klaus will get into more details after Pat’s big picture talk, specifically concerning the importance of integration of the real-time data and business applications — intra-business integration. A business cannot participate in Business to Utility efficiency coordination without a full understanding of all aspects of the business. For example, will curtailing power consumption as part of demand response cause a shipment date to be missed for an important customer? Sophisticated B2U optimization first requires holistic knowledge within the business. The strong partnership between SAP and OSIsoft is allowing our customers to realize these efficiency gains.

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Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy is the CEO and majority owner of OSIsoft. Under Dr. Kennedy's visionary leadership, OSIsoft has grown from a small software startup in 1980 to a highly profitable multimillion dollar per year global corporation. Prior to founding the company, Dr. Kennedy worked as a research engineer for Shell Development Company and as an applications consultant for Taylor Instrument Company. Dr. Kennedy attended the University of Kansas where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. A registered professional engineer in control systems engineering, he holds a patent on a catalytic reformer control system. He has co-authored two books, “In Pursuit of the Perfect Plant,” (Evolved Technologist., 2008), a chapter of the book "Planning, Scheduling and Control Integration in the Process Industries," C. Edward Bodington, ed. (McGraw-Hill Co., 1995), and is the author of numerous papers.




Klaus Heimann

Senior Vice President