RTPM Business Package

RTPM Business Package lets you see representational renderings of enterprise data in your SAP portal environment.


  • Provides portal content including trends, schematics, gauges, KPI alerts and others, to display real-time and historical data from the plant or shop floor, SCADA system or other manufacturing data source;
  • Supports Java iViews and SAP Portal Eventing;
  • Included iViews provide data for all roles across the enterprise and can be used as building blocks for component applications across the enterprise
  • Combine and integrate with iViews from other vendors; since all events into and out of the RtPM iViews are defined and documented;
Sample portal page using RtPM Business Package iViews
Kodak Park visualization of power consumption for steam generation
Sample portal page using RtPM Business Package iViews
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Kodak Park visualization of power consumption for steam generation
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  • Deliver high-level, operational visibility through a single portal environment that gathers data from a wide variety of sources.
  • Enable deep business insight through tight integration with the host portal environment.
  • Provide the right information to the right people with configurable views that ensure every employee accesses and works with job-relevant information.
  • Improve decision making by providing central, consistent access to operational data and reducing the time spent searching for it.
  • Provide an intuitive user experience with components that run in a familiar, web-based environment, reducing training requirements and helping employees get started quickly.

      Example of Product Implementation

Business Challenge

Kodak Park wanted to reduce the cost of utilies.


The customer provided visibility into production data to all employees in a central place – the same portal where they went to view Human Resources-related data, ensuring more employees would see it.

Customer Result/Benefit

Many small projects over time resulted in major utilities savings and enabled the company to close down one of its two power plants.